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I am Tiffany 'The Pet Nanny'. Call me at 713-906-1798. I provide professional service for the care of your loving pets. I treat them like Kings and Queens. Whether the holidays are coming up, or not, everyone gets busy. We are busy working late, running errands or traveling. Those reasons why are why pet lovers everywhere need a reliable, professional 'Pet Nanny'.

There are a good number of pet sitters in the Houston metro area, but few that can be considered 'Pet Nannies'. A professional 'Pet Nanny' must be bonded and insured and also a member of The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters Houston has the talents, abilities and character to handle special needs or difficult pets. I myself have been caring for pets at a high level for 15 years. My commitment to your family member will be handled with love and diligence.